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Create your Free Speakable Tutor Profile Today

Sep 2, 2022 | 0 comments

Are you tired of traditional tutoring sites taking 10%, 20%, or even 30% of your earnings while they pressure you to reduce your hourly rate and fail to deliver new students? With a free Speakable tutor profile, you can cut out the middleman, attract new students, and even allow students to schedule and pay for sessions online (with a little help from calendly and paypal).

In this post, we’ll walk you through how to set up your profile, create speaking exercises that will help new students find and get to know your teaching style, and set up a scheduling calendar that can collect payments.

Create your Speakable Profile

Step 1: Create a free Speakable teacher account using this sign-up link.

Step 2: Open your profile and fill out the relevant details.

If you already have a schedule link, fantastic – you can add it to the “Link to Request a Lesson” field. If not, don’t worry, we’ll show you how to set up a scheduling link at the end of this post.

Now that your basic profile information is filled out, let’s create a speaking exercise to display on it.

Build Your First Speaking Exercise

Your speaking exercises will be displayed on your profile and, as long as they meet our community guidelines and copyright rules, in the global speaking exercise library. Students can find your speaking exercises, and when they’re comfortable, join one of your Speakable courses or schedule a lesson.

Step 1: Select the pink “+ Create button”

Step 2: Enter the words or phrases you want your students to practice speaking.

Step 3: Enrich the speaking exercises by adding a video lesson, voice recordings, pictures, and notes.

Step 4: Select the blue Create button and try out your Speakable!

Step 5: Navigate back to your Speakable profile to confirm the speaking exercises is displaying on your profile (it needs to have at least 2 plays to show up on your profile).

Your Speakable profile now has information about you and a speaking exercise you created. It’s time to bring it all together, by adding a call to action that lets your students schedule a session with you.

Set up a Free Calendly Account is a user-friendly site that allows you to connect the calendar associated with your email address to a schedule page like the one you see below. It’s free to set up a basic scheduling link. This will allow new students that find you to schedule time on your calendar for a lesson. After creating your calendar link, you’ll add it to your Speakable profile.

Step 1: Create a free Calendly account using this sign-up link and sync your email.

Step 2: Copy the link to your calendar event.

Step 3: Paste your calendar event link into your Speakable profile

Woo-hoo! Now you have a webpage that showcases your Speakable creations and lets students schedule time for a lesson with you at their convenience. If you’d like to collect payments from your students while they are scheduling a lesson, read how to connect your Paypal account with your Calendly.

To have your Speakable profile featured on the landing page, send your profile link to along with you’re availability for a 15-30 minute introductory zoom call.


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